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You Judge It

The You Judge It campaign is a peer to peer judging programme of films made by young people from around the world. The You Judge it programme is a unique short collection of films designed for the classroom. It was created for students to share and experience different cultures and ideas as expressed by their peers through the medium of film with hopes that some of these students might get inspired to get started on their own celluloid journey themselves.

It involves a classroom screening of a short collection of films to be followed by discussion and finally, a nomination of the TOP TWO films. Fresh Film Festival will then send your TOP TWO winning filmmakers a peer-to-peer You Judge it award.

Over 100 international shorts were sent out to 12 schools across the country to showcase incredible talent from around the world!

Winners: (in no particular order)

Moon Landing by Dries Masselis & Isidoor Callens of Belgium

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish by Francesca Goethals of Belgium

September 17 by Park Song-eun of South Korea

How Fire Was Invented by Paula Zanic of Croatia

Zammm by Benjamin Meersseman and Rafael DeMelo Marcelino of Belgium

Traces by students of Escola Els Xiprers school of Spain

The Wide Web by KIDSCAM animation film studios of Belgium

The Rescue by Nick Louagie of Belgium

Your Name, Sir? by Ada Hermans of Belgium

Plane Love by Evie Bellew, Hadley Hillel, Samantha Jensen, Audrey Thomas and Sara Truscott of America

Longing For Sheep by KIDSCAM animation film studios of Belgium

Stealing Stars by Anaya Dzanovic of Belgium

Terms of Conditions by Jack Jones of Wales

Beautiful Day by Marina Kamalaki and Afrodite Kalogeropoulou of Greece

Witness by Severv and Maxim Latysov of The Netherlands

Angel for Hire by Katy Hoggard of Wales

Im Just Like You by Ashton Tu of America

Action Hero by Lauren Bellamy of Wales

Drowning Heart by BH Horn school of Austria

Change by Malou Bastiaanse, Tamika Marcos, Lynn Colder and Ashton Staaks of The Netherlands

Can I Help You? by Pedro Salles Leite of Brazil

Element Metall by BRG Hamerling school of Austria

Boy by Lucas Helth Postma of Denmark

Light by Hong Ji-min, Park Ju-Hyuon and Cha Ha-Young of South Korea.


A huge, heartfelt congratulations to all the selected filmmakers, your films were judged by your peers and related to them in various ways. You clearly are a voice for your generations so keep up the good work!

If you are an Irish primary or secondary school who might be interested in taking part in the You Judge It campaign next year, please send an email to letting us know your school and preference for age range. We would be glad to accommodate you as best we can.

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