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  1. FFFSG_04_Life_Is_Beautiful
  2. FFFSG_04_Empire_Of_The_Sun
  3. FFF_Running_On_Empty_SG
  4. FFF_Osama_SG
  5. FFF_2007_Rabbit-Proof_Fence
  6. FFF_La_Haine_SG
  7. FFF_2007_Into_The_Arms_Of_Strangers
  8. FFF_2007_Fateless
  9. FFF_2006_Picnic_At_Hanging_Rock
  10. FFF_2006_Kirikou_and_the_Sorceress
  11. FFF_2003_The_Lost_Boys
  12. FFF_2006_Jeux_Interdits
  13. FFF_2003_The_Innocents
  14. FFF_2003_The_Devils_Backbone
  15. FFF_2002_Whats_Eating_Gilbert_Grape
  16. FFF_2002_Ma_Vie_En_Rose
  17. FFF_2002_Journey_Of_Hope
  18. FFF_2001_Wizard_Of_Oz
  19. FFF_2001_Walkabout
  20. FFF_2001_Central_Station
  21. FFF_2000_The_Loneliness_Of_The
  22. FFF_2000_400_Blows
  23. FFF_1999_Stolen Children
  24. FFF_1999_Stand_By_Me
  25. FFF_1999_Au_Revoir_Les_Enfants
  26. 14011 FFF From Up On Poppy Hill Study Guide

Preparing your film for festivals

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Most festivals require you to submit a snyopsis or tagline along with your film here’s a helpful article on how to write one from our friends at Sundance. Submitting your film online? You want to ensure you are sending the best file quality possible while not eating up all of your bandwidth uploading a huge file. ┬áStart by exporting your ..Read More >


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A cool series of apps from our friends at Celtx As part of our 2014 festival we ran an animation workshop in Ogonnelloe National School in county Clare. The workshop hosted by Jekino saw the students create stop motion animations over the course of a couple of hours in the classroom. Here are the results Jekino Animations The films were ..Read More >