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Screening: Youth Cinema Network Award winners 2020

Date:Mar,23,2021 Time:11:30 AM

The annual Youth Cinema Network (YCN) Award recognises excellence in film made by young people. Established in 2016 as a single award, it is now presented to the best films in three age groups:

* age   0 – 14 * age 15 – 19 * age 20 – 27

YCN festivals nominate one film for each group, YCN members vote per age group and the films with greatest number of votes in each age category are declared winners.

Every year the YCN awards are presented at a different festival.  Wicked Wales Film festival, UK (2016), the REC, Germany (2017), Nextfilmfestival, Denmark (2018), Enimation, Slovenia & Up and Coming, Germany (2019)Camera Zizanio, Greece (2020)

Wavy Head (Age group: 0-14Max Shoham, Canada.  When I was 9 months old, a team of doctors cut into my skull, removed my forehead, put my eye-sockets on a table, reshaping my face completely. This caused a year of tension and terror in my family, and gave me scars still visible today, yet I can’t remember a single thing about the whole ordeal. It was therefore irresistible to make a film investigating this personally life-changing event that seemed to only change the lives of my family.

Pirates (Age group: 15-19) Cal Arnold O’Driscoll, Ireland.  In 1980s Ireland Pirate radio was huge. It’s cheap, easy and will make you famous! That’s why these three friends set one up in an attempt to beat the bullies and get the girls.

Tree #3 (Age group: 20-27Omer Ben-Shachar: Director, Co-Writer, USA. After he’s been cast (again!) as a background tree in his annual school play, an ambitious and imaginative immigrant boy leads a revolution on stage that his intolerant drama teacher will never forget.

YCN Award winners 2020 is ideal for secondary school audiences, the password will be removed on Tuesday 23rd 11.30 am