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Date:Mar,26,2021 Time:10:00 AM

We received over 1000 International films this year! Tune in on Friday the 26th March at 10am to view the best in young filmmaking from Tehran to Texas.

This programme will be available for viewing here until April 16th.

The selection panel and juries saw some wonderful films and these are an example of some exceptional filmmaking. Thank you to all the young filmmakers around the world for making thought provoking and inspiring pieces.

These films are for and by teenagers, junior internationals can be seen with the Ireland’s Junior Young Filmmaker of the  screening from Thursday 25th.



-<(0)>- Eye

Kavi Dey, Seattle Academy, USA | 2:41

An experiment in re-purposing existing media to make new meaning.  <(O)>- is a pictorial representation of an “Eye” using a keyboard.


The Gull’s Shriek

Ava Ghahremanifar, Iran | 13:00

Susan and Raha senior students studying Dramatic Arts, are candidates for the role of Johnathan Livingston Seagull from Richard Bach’s, novel but soon after the audition some peculiar events arise and Susan’s appearance, becomes the face of her breakdown.


A Walk in the Forest

Adam Zheng, USA | 7:38

As you take a walk in the forest, you are in awe about how valuable trees and forests are to the Earth. But then you think about how we have devastated and deforested them.


Catfish Club

Jack Sharkey, Qi Lin, Evan Pedley, Xach Hill, Henri Trigo, Leif Clayton, BFI Film Academy UK | 6:42

Three mysterious figures compete in a high-stakes heist in this 1920’s drama; it’s anyone’s game at The Catfish Club.


No Comment

Zhivar Farajzadeh, Iran | 4:00

A portrait of a ‘Garbage Child’ during the lock down.



Gabriella Hsu, USA | 5:21

A high school senior struggles to find her self-worth through college applications. She tries to alleviate the stress of being rejected by asking her crushes out on dates. Ultimately, she finds an acceptance beyond outside validation, but, through the help of her friends, in herself.


As long as one of us is bound, none of us is free

Evelina Soderberg, VBU, Sweden | 4:48

An invitation to the viewer to consider if we still need the feminist movement.



Rasmus Henriksen, Denmark |8:00

Epikur goes to purgatory. Now he is forced to discuss his fate with the person who killed him.


Froggy Fairy

Anastasia Rodionova, Valiantsina Tsedzik, Russia | 0:55

The story of why you should not offend frogs.



Jessica Herlitz, Cian Collins USA | 8:19

To dull the human mind and prevent insanity, an experiment has been set up to make people create and self-administer a sedative that keeps them mentally numb.


For All

Victor Hugo e equipe, Brazil | 12:35

Is football for everyone? The students of the Adalgisa Nery Municipal School, located in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, embark on an adventure to show the world that it is necessary to break with visible and invisible walls. These, in most cases, make it impossible for people with special needs, LGBT people, women and other groups to participate in football matches. In their language, even if the game is for fun or for real, there is an intense dispute to know the winner.


Eyes Wide Open

Alafiyah Rehmanji, Hannah Grange, Monay Thomas, Noah Hecht, BFI Future Film Academy, UK | 10:00

Three young people. A chance to break the mold. On the cusp of despair, are forced to confront themselves and the verities of the world. What happens if our connections act in harmony?


Good Boy

Anastasia Rodionova, Valiantsina Tsedzik, Russia | 1:34

A dog is the last alive creature on our planet destroyed by pollution. In the pile of trash it finds a bone and brings it to its owner’s house.


The Boats that Sail Backwards

Mark Giddel Liwanag, Philippines |15:00

Coastal areas worldwide are major destinations for tourism, representing the fastest growing sector of the global economy. However, tourism in some coastal regions that are home to a large and growing proportion of the world’s population, impacts the well-being of every individual living there.


Ferdinand Avenue

Robert Nelson, Noah Keckler, USA | 11:53

Two teenagers meet at crossroads in their lives. Over the course of the one evening they spend together, they’ll open up to each other in beautiful and unique ways.


Guilty Conscience

Caitlin Barlow, Australia | 2:32

Follow the psychological journey of the mental-health patient, Lyra Kennedy. Deprived the ability to distinguish reality from hallucination, she faces a series of paranoid delusions within her self-inflicted repeating prison, her guilt-ridden mind, after her mother’s murder.


Through Their Eyes

Alisha Heng  USA | 11:03

Can a wolf and a lamb live together in harmony?



Isabella Marasco, Micaela Kastor, USA | 5:12

When was the last time our entire nation, or the entire world, felt united under one common cause? We gathered video from around the world to show that hope unites us all. An original poem was written for our project to help us emphasise hope and what it means for the world at this time.