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Young Filmmakers Masterclasses & The Fresh Pitch

Date:Mar,27,2021 Time:10:00 AM

Fresh 21 wraps our festival week with a day of masterclasses for young filmmakers, culminating in our annual pitching competition. 

For young filmmakers aged 13-18

10:00 AM The day starts with a screening of a trilogy of films from Dyehouse Films. These serve as a case study in our first masterclass exploring the relationship between the producer, director and composer. This masterclass is aimed at young filmmakers and young musicians with an interest in composing for film. The session is introduced by Sarah Glennane of the Irish Composers’ Guild with Bonnie Dempsey, David O’Sullivan and Sarah Lynch.

1:00 PM Our second masterclass by Rory Okey from Dan Hubbard Casting focuses on the casting process, from zero budget to blockbuster. Finding the right acting talent can be a daunting prospect for new filmmakers and this workshop is aimed at filmmakers and young actors with an interest in getting onscreen credits.

3:00 PM The last masterclass of the day is hosted by actor/director Dominic Power. Dominic will explore the relationship between the director and the actor, he works to get honest performances from actors and is an educator, producing films with Miskin Theatre for their “Acting for Camera” series.


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Thank you to Screen Skills Ireland for supporting the masterclasses and the Fresh Pitch.

Thank you to Young Irish Film Makers and the National Network as a Festival workshop partner