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Halla Inse Ban

Halla Inse Ban poster
  • Halla Inse Ban
  • By Colaiste Ide agus Iosef 4th Years,
  • Abbeyfeale
  • Celebrating a love of traditional Irish Music.

Skatepark Days

Skatepark Days poster
  • Skatepark Days
  • By Dylan McCormack
  • Meet some of Limerick's talented young skaters

Down by the Feale

Down by the Feale poster
  • Down by the Feale
  • By Colaiste Ide agus Iosef 4th Years, Abbeyfeale
  • The river serves as an important meeting place.

Limerick Voices

Limerick Voices poster
  • Limerick Voices
  • By the Musicians of Music Generation Limerick City
  • Some of Limerick's most talented young musicians meet on the best bus in the city.


DMCs poster
  • DMCs
  • By Villiers School, 4th Years
  • Over a school day, a group of students consider what's important.

The Gathering

The Gathering poster
  • The Gathering
  • By Leon O'Connor
  • Step into one of Limerick's greatest institutions
  • the home of gaming and the convention held at Thomond Park.

A Day on the Water

A Day on the Water poster
  • A Day on the Water
  • By St. John's Scouts
  • Canoing on the Shannon

First Limerick City & County Comhairle

First Limerick City & County Comhairle poster
  • First Limerick City & County Comhairle
  • By Limerick Comhraile
  • The historic first coming together of Limerick's
  • young people's councils for city and county


Ringfort poster
  • Ringfort
  • By Sophia O'Grady
  • Three friends meet in a place hidden in plain sight.

In Kinfinane

In Kinfinane poster
  • In Kinfinane
  • By Eimear Stembridge
  • Two friends explore their hometown
  • after one has just moved there.

Limerick Youth Dance

Limerick Youth Dance poster
  • Limerick Youth Dance
  • By Limerick Youth Dance
  • A mix of dancers from different styles prepare for their October show.

Culture Night

Culture Night poster
  • Culture Night
  • By Kerrie Aherne
  • A documentary about young people's contribution
  • to Limerick's Culture Night 2014

Just School

Just School poster
  • Just School
  • By Colaiste Nano Nagle, 5th Years
  • This is what actually matters when you go to school.

A Transition Year

A Transition Year poster
  • A Transition Year
  • By CBS, 4th Years
  • A student reflects on his past, present and future.


Towning poster
  • Towning
  • By Saoirse O'Connor
  • Days in the outernet

This is Samhains Like Us

This is Samhains Like Us poster
  • This is Samhains Like Us
  • By Samhains Like Us Committee
  • Limerick Youth Service
  • A group of young people, with the support of Limerick Youth Service, aim to make Limerick a better place


Performance poster
  • Performance
  • By Limerick Youth Theatre
  • Limerick Youth Theatre prepares for their show
  • Time Travel and the Leaving Cert

About Town

About Town poster
  • About Town
  • By Limerick Youth Theatre
  • A typical day in the city for a group of friends

Cocopop & Jellybean

Cocopop & Jellybean poster
  • Cocopop & Jellybean
  • By Aoife Lynch, Courtney O'Donnel
  • and West End Youth Centre
  • Two girls and their unique friendship.

Young Munster

Young Munster poster
  • Young Munster
  • By Aoife Donnellan and Adam Littlewood
  • The pride and legacy of a renowned rugby team

Six Years of Change

Six Years of Change poster
  • Six Years of Change
  • By David O'Brien
  • Charting the development of students in the Crescent School

1000 Country Roads

1000 Country Roads poster
  • 1000 Country Roads
  • By Tiernan O'Rourke
  • A cycling trip from Croom to Adare

Curragh Chase Trails

Curragh Chase Trails poster
  • Curragh Chase Trails
  • By Adam Littlewood
  • An off road cyclist escapes and finds freedom

Pausing to Remember

Pausing to Remember poster
  • Pausing to Remember
  • By Colaiste Ide agus Iosef 4th Years
  • Abbeyfeale
  • Students take some time to pay respects and pause for thought.

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